Yuelin Liang

Associate Director, AECOM

Yuelin is an Associate Director in ITS at AECOM. He has over 25 years of cross sector experience in transportation technologies, smart cities, information systems, and software development. He also has strong experience in transport planning, traffic engineering, infrastructure investment/project finance, and project management. He has worked in both the transport planning and ITS consultancy industry, and the ITS equipment/solution provider industry. Taking a holistic approach Yuelin has successfully managed and delivered a number of high profile and prestigious commercial and R&D projects internationally. Before joining AECOM he worked at Siemens HQ in Munich and Siemens offices in Beijing and Hong Kong, where he gained extensive hands-on experience in research and development, solution design, and delivered a wide range of conventional and futuristic projects targeting the smart cities sectors in the regions.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 29 November 2023


Connecting Scotland: the Potential in Connected Vehicle Data

14:50 - 15:10 Future Mobility
  • There are many emerging ITS services and systems available now for all road users, not just new cars.
  • These can make roads safer and give all road users better services, with connected vehicle data now being the norm.
  • Services are about to leap from the test track to public roads.
  • Yuelin Liang, Associate Director for AECOM Intelligent Transport Systems, will join Andy to answer, "How can Scotland best maximise the benefits and what specific opportunities are there?"