GCP Applied Technologies

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GCP is a leading global provider of construction products that include high-performance specialty construction chemicals and building materials. Over 40 years ago we pioneered the use of cold, spray applied waterproofing, revolutionising the industry as Stirling Lloyd. Since then, our bridge deck waterproofing solutions and highways surfacing offerings have been continuously developed to meet the most challenging of road and bridge projects. Engineered to perform in a wide range of climates, with speed and ease of application and fast cure at the heart of our solutions, our bridge deck waterproofing and highway surfacing has been designed to keep projects and traffic moving. Our range of bridge deck waterproofing solutions consist of: - ELIMINATOR® bridge deck waterproofing system, the system that pioneered the use of cold, spray applied bridge deck waterproofing with an unparalleled track record. Developed with ease of application and long lasting protection in mind, the ELIMINATOR® system enables simple sealing of complex detailing and forms a tough and durable yet flexible membrane . The - ELIMINATOR® system remains at the forefront of the industry, with a range of primers and bond coats available to ensure a strong bond is achieved between the deck and the surfacing, critical to reduce future maintenance costs. - BRIDGEMASTER® 3 in 1 solution for bridge decks. The combined waterproofing, wearing and skid resistant solution is up to 80% lighter than mastic asphalt, reducing the deadload of the structure. Ease and speed of application results in minimum disruption of refurbishment projects and a faster project completion for new bridges. - The SENTINEL® range of buried and surface mounted expansion joint solutions offer fast and effective installation and utilise innovative fast curing materials to minimise bridge closure time. For highways our product range spans a variety of highway maintenance and repair products from our long lasting SAFETRACK® high friction surfacing and line marking to our full range of HAPAS approved crack and joint sealing systems. Key solutions include: - SAFETRACK® HW High Friction Surfacing: Designed to provide greater road user safety in areas where collisions are a risk. Used in areas such as deceleration approach areas, accident remediation schemes, pedestrian crossings, junctions and roundabouts, traffic segregation and bus lanes. - SAFETRACK® LM Line Marking: A cold applied line marking system which offers long-term durability and colour stability. - SAFETRACK® CT -: Provides strong colour demarcation and excellent resistance to wear combined with high levels of skid resistance, even under heavy traffic conditions - SAFETRACK® Crack Infill: A cold applied, fast curing system for long term repair of open or fretted joints in asphalt roads. - SAFETRACK® Overbanding: A versatile and robust solution designed for overbanding of cracks, seams and reinstatements in asphalt.