Concrete Preservation Technologies

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At CPT we are proud to design and manufacture cutting edge corrosion control solutions for reinforced concrete structures and masonry encased steel framed buildings. From our UK base we manufacture and distribute our unique DuoGuard, PatchGuard and RAAC-Guard systems worldwide. If you manage or own a structure suffering from corrosion related cracking and spalling we would be delighted to hear from you. Our corrosion experts are on hand to assist you with concrete testing, specification preparation and supply of corrosion control materials. Our aim is always to extend structural life and minimise maintenance costs.



Patchguard FINAL
PatchGuard Anodes™ PatchGuard™ counters corrosion adjacent to the patch following patch repair but unlike traditional sacrificial anodes it is installed at the perimeter of the patch repair into the parent concrete. This significantly improves the ionic current flow from the anode through the concrete material as the parent concrete is less resistive compared to repair mortars, making the PatchGuard™ anode more efficient than traditional sacrificial anodes.
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DuoGuard™ Anodes CPT DuoGuard™ anodes feature new generation electro-chemical technology to stop reinforcing steel corrosion caused by chloride salts and carbonation for up to 50 years. The full package: CPT also supplies all the ancillary materials needed for DuoGuard™ installation, including wires, connectors and embedding mortar. Anodes are available in 5 sizes to suit any structure.