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ACO Water Management Throughout the world ACO is recognised as a world leader in the design, development and implementation of sustainable surface water management systems. Through client-based research and constant innovation, ACO Water Management has evolved from its origins in line drainage to an award-winning supplier of an unrivalled range of products and support services that provide the complete and effective management of surface water: from system design through collection, cleaning, storing and on-site source control allowing the safe release of run-off back to natural watercourses. Covering applications as diverse as retail and commercial developments to major national transport and infrastructure projects, the ACO Water Management range assures industry leading sustainable drainage performance and environmental protection. The range includes high performance surface water drainage systems, award-winning attenuation and infiltration solutions, as well as hydrocarbon separators and vortex flow control systems. For more information visit



ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck
ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck
Combined kerb and drainage system for bridges. Effective management of surface water on bridges is crucial for ensuring road user safety, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing erosion that can shorten the service life of bridge structures. ACO KerbDrain Bridgedeck is a versatile combined kerb and drainage system designed to effectively manage rainwater on bridges. These one-piece units are certified up to Load Class D 400 and are available in both Half Battered (HB) and Splayed profiles (SP) to meet different site requirements. The product is manufactured from ductile iron and is a Type I system, which means that no concrete bed surround is required for installation. Additionally, the range includes expansion joint solutions that prevent water damage to the joints and allow the flow of water to continue from the bridge to the highway. Connection to KerbDrain - BridgeDeck is compatible with our award-winning ACO KerbDrain range, allowing for a seamless transition from Bridge to Road.
ACO KerbDrain  E600
ACO KerbDrain E600
Award winning combined kerb and drainage system. It is crucial to divert surface water away from roads and highways in order to minimise the risk of flooding, ensuring the safety of road users while also protecting the road surface. ACO KerbDrain, a combined kerb and drainage system, is a versatile and efficient linear drainage solution suitable for various applications, including motorways, trunk roads, urban infrastructure, and landscaping projects. Following on from the success of the KerbDrain D 400 range, ACO has expanded the portfolio to include new E 600 certified channels. KerbDrain E is designed for areas where kerbs are likely to recieve impact from heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) such as junctions and roundabouts while KerbDrain E+ addresses the demand for higher-capacity kerb drainage for large catchments areas. The award-winning one-piece design of KerbDrain makes it easy to install and provides high-impact performance for both traditional drainage systems and sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS). Available sizes The half battered profile channels are available in a range of different sizes ranging from 305mm to 480mm to meet hydraulic requirements.
ACO KerbDrain CycleKerb
ACO KerbDrain CycleKerb
Combined kerb and drainage solutions for cycle lanes ACO KerbDrain® CycleKerb builds on ACO’s popular KerbDrain range with products specifically designed for cycle lanes. The CycleKerb units provide continuous drainage of cycle paths as well as ensuring safe and distinct transitions between pedestrian and non-pedestrian areas.